1984-1996 Suspension Components


A. Differential Cover, Auto $190.00
A. Differential Cover, Man. $895.00
B. Rear Support Housing, LH $135.00
B. Rear Support Housing, RH $135.00
C. Caliper Mount Plate, LH 1988-96 $39.00
C. Caliper Mount Plate, RH 1988-96 $39.00
C. 1984 Caliper Mount L or R $135.00
C. 1985-87 Caliper Mount L or R $135.00
D. Wheel Spindle, LH $149.00
D. Wheel Spindle, RH $149.00
E. Wheel Spindle, control lower $64.00
E. Wheel Spindle, control upper $64.00
F. Axle Sht. Side w/o U-Jt., Auto $185.00
F. Axle Sht. Side w/o U-Jt., Man. $145.00
G. Toe Adjustment Assm. w/rods $259.00


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