1965-1982 Brake System
and Related Components

New OEM Master Cylinders

1953-1962 Master cylinder assembly - call
1967-1976 With power brakes, Reproduction of Original  $127.00

1967-1976 Stock Replacement $89.00
1967-1976 Without power brakes Stock Replacement $89.00
1977-1982 ALL, Stock Replacement $89.00
1977-1982 Reproduction of Original $137.00
Date Coded Reproduction Master Cylinders Available, Requires Build Date to Order

Power Brake Vacuum Booste

New Power Brake Boosters, No Cores Required
1963-67 Gold (Shown on Right) $197.00
1968-76 Black $197.00
1977-82 Gold $165.00

NEW Power Brake Booster w/ Master Cylinder

Reproduction brake boosters with matched master cylinder,
 tested as a unit to ensure trouble-free operation and maximum

1963-1967                   $264.00
1968-1976  Black      $284.00                           
1977-1982  Gold        $284.00

Stainless Steel Flex Braided Brake Lines

Left $98.00 Set (4) replaces the stock rubber hoses, which deteriorate from the inside,   expands and causes a spongy pedal.

Rubber Lines     $12.00 each

Complete Set of Rubber Lines     $40.00

Steel T-Arm Rear Brake Line  $14.00 each

Preformed Stainless Steel Brake Line Kits

Complete Car Sets      From $125.00

1963 to 1982  preformed Stainless Steel brake line with all bends made to exact factory specs and all spiral armor in proper locations.
Call for correct application and pricing.

Caliper 2000- O-Ring Systems since 1988

Totally eliminates air pumping
Gives dependability of full floating calipers
Maximizes braking potential
Eliminates brake squeaking

Superior technical design reduces pad wear
Offers less rolling resistance -- pads do not drag
Improves brake feel and response

 $89.00 each w/exchange*

 Premium Caliper Kit

 $395.00 w/ exchange*

Master Caliper Kit

To make your brake system over-haul easier, kit includes:
 * 4 Ready to bolt on calipers with O-Ring system
  * 2 Sets PREMIUM organic brake pads (FT & RR)
  * 8 Mounting bolts and 8 lock washers
  * 4 Pad retaining pins
  * 4 Stainless braided flex brake lines (replaces rubber hoses)
  * D.O.T. Approved
  * 2 Copper washers for front line

$489.00 w/ exchange*

Premium DELCO Organic Brake Pads

Top Quality Premium Pad

 Limited Lifetime Warranty

 Requires 2 Sets Per Car

$41.00 Set of 4

Emergency Brake Stainless Steel Hardware Kit

 For both rear wheels, allows stainless steel components to be
nstalled without removing the axle  shafts.

Emergency Brake Shoe Set
Tempered and arch ground     $69.00

Emergency Brake Rear Cable

Connects both rear emergency brakes to the forward cable, and is a  

complete replacement. State year.
Emergency Brake Front Cable
Front or Rear Splash Shield   $38.00

1969-'82 Front Spindle Assembly With UPPER and LOWER A-Frames, Complete with Rotor

W/O Caliper  $550.00 Each outright